Leadership team

Clara Steinbrecher

Grüss Gott, my name is Clara Steinbrecher, I was born in Munich in 1997 and grew up in a suburb of Munich. During my studies in Eichstätt, I met my husband, with whom I am now happily married. My main job is as a trainee teacher for mathematics and psychology. When I was asked to be the new head of Maria 1.0 in May 2021, I initially thought to myself: I don't have time... But that's the way it is: Nobody has time - you make time! And so, after prayerful consideration, I agreed to take over the leadership. As an enthusiastic Catholic, I am delighted to be able to talk about my faith and the hope and joy it brings via Maria 1.0. The Catholic Church, with all its faults and weaknesses, gives me support and confidence by giving me the opportunity to stay connected to Jesus Christ through the sacraments. I want the Holy Mother of God, who probably has the closest relationship with Jesus imaginable, to take me by the hand and lead me ever deeper into faith in Jesus. I ask her to intercede as our Mother for me and for the whole Catholic Church.

Jessica Brandstetter

Grüss Gott, my name is Jessica Brandstetter (born in 1997) and I have been privileged to support Clara Steinbrecher in her leadership role in Maria 1.0 since fall of 2021. At the moment, my psychology major here in Eichstätt in the beautiful Altmühltal (Old Mill Valley) is taking up most of time. But I originally come from Niederbayern (Lower Bavaria), was born in Altötting, and the Mother of God time and again played a great role in my finding my way to the fullness of faith in the Catholic church. Coming from an agnostic to atheist family, I can say today, not least through great graces bestowed upon me, that I am Catholic, I like being Catholic, and I stand behind the unabridged and unadorned teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. I am involved with Mary 1.0 because I want to be a living witness to the faith that Jesus Christ revealed to us and that has been handed down to us through the apostles and their successors, the popes.