Thank a priest

Project: Send a thank-you card to a priest!

Why? Well, it is always easy to complain and certainly we have reason to do so sometimes. But instead of only looking at the negative, we want to consciously say THANK YOU with this action. Thank you to our priests who have said YES to the call of God and the renunciation they live with it. Thanks to our priests who, through their YES, have become God's instruments and who, for example, administer the sacraments to us. Thanks to our priests who even today are a sign of our Catholic faith through their way of life and the public visibility of their priesthood. Thanks to our priests who are spiritual fathers to us and who care for our souls.

In a time in which our Catholic faith, at least in Germany, in many cases no longer plays a role or is only criticized, our priests in particular are also attacked. Therefore, it is all the more important that we strengthen their back and thank them for their willingness.

Therefore, we have designed three different thank you cards, which you can order here for free. Please note that the cards are only available in German and will only be mailed to addresses in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. You can add a short text of your own to them and present them to your priest personally. If you like, you can also take a photo with the priest and send it to us, which we will gladly publish if you agree. If German isn't your language, why not go ahead and design some gesture of appreciation yourself for your priest? We would be happy to post a picture of these as well. Let's build a culture of appreciation together!