Press releases

Samstag 30.03.2024They just can't let it go...
Freitag 05.01.2024Regular Irregularity
Montag 18.12.2023Statement on Fiducia Supplicans
Freitag 10.11.2023I must decrease, but HE must increase
Mittwoch 19.07.2023Open letter in response to the open letter
Donnerstag 16.03.2023Cast off, full speed ahead - Osnabrück diocese defiantly sets the sails of disobedience
Mittwoch 08.03.2023The storm is coming - it is getting uncomfortable on the Synodal Way
Donnerstag 02.03.2023Code of Conduct Diocese of Chur: Abuse of power by Bishop Joseph Maria Bonnemain
Samstag 25.02.2023“Wake up you sleepers!” - Now it's the bishops' turn
Montag 23.01.2023Sin is no love! - Can Bishop Bätzing and his amorality be stopped anymore?
Montag 12.12.2022Differently Catholic – still Roman Catholic?
Sonntag 09.10.2022Dissent without Consequences?
Montag 15.08.2022Letter from the Secretariat of the Bishops' Conference does NOT answer "Open Letter"
Freitag 22.07.2022General Criticism from Rome – “So that everyone understands”
Montag 18.07.2022Maria 1.0 is appalled by the “abhorrent” (Gaudium et Spes 51) statements of ZdK President Stetter-Karp on pregnancy terminations and calls for her resignation
Mittwoch 04.05.2022Maria 1.0 supports the statement of the Churer Priesterkreis (Chur Circle of Priests) and demands the withdrawal of the Code of Conduct
Donnerstag 03.02.2022Relentless investigation instead of asserting own interests
Mittwoch 26.01.2022Networks must be ruthlessly exposed
Montag 04.10.2021“Synodal Way” is frontal attack on the church
Freitag 24.09.2021Maria 1.0 welcomes Woelki's decision to remain in office
Dienstag 21.09.2021“Quo Vadis” Bishop Georg Bätzing?
Donnerstag 22.07.2021Maria 1.0 calls on Bishop Dieser to change his thinking - "Danger of banalization of the faith"
Donnerstag 15.07.2021Reaction to Lisa Kötter leaving the church
Freitag 25.06.2021Maria 1.0 calls on Chancellor candidates to reject Matic Report
Montag 17.05.2021Maria 1.0: The Church is too fearfull!
Samstag 08.05.2021Maria 1.0 calls on German bishops to unite with Rome
Donnerstag 23.07.2020Thanks for the instruction on the Pastoral Conversion of Parishes
Montag 04.05.2020Finally public Holy Masses again!
Mittwoch 19.02.2020Let's go with Pope Francis!
Dienstag 26.11.2019Maria is the perfect model - Consecration of Mary within the framework of the Synodal Way
Freitag 27.09.2019DBK has missed another opportunity
Mittwoch 14.08.2019Forum New Evangelization necessary in the Synodal Way
Montag 22.07.2019Draw the right conclusion!