Since our work does not receive any subsidies from official sources, we are dependent on donations and are therefore especially pleased if you support our work in this way. You can easily make a donation via Paypal. Just click on the Donate button and you’ll be linked to the Paypal website:

Or you can send us a donation via the following bank details of our trust foundation.

Account holder: Maria 1.0 Trust fund
IBAN: DE20 7102 2182 0033 4986 83
Bank: HypoVereinsbank

If you make a donation from within Germany, we would be happy to send you a receipt. Please write “donation” and add your address. You can also send us your data via e-mail. Please note that in Germany, since 2021, a donation receipt is only required for amounts of € 301.00 or more. For smaller amounts, the tax office simply needs the bank statement. Since mailing donation receipts costs us time and money, we ask you to refrain from asking for a donation receipt for smaller donations.

More information on our trust fund