Interview with Matthias Wimmer - Victims Council in Diocese of Würzburg

The so-called synodal way ended on March 11, but many question marks remain. Everywhere there are discussions about how to deal with the decisions of the Synodal Way, and some dioceses have already started to implement them, partly against the official teaching of the Catholic Church or the express wish of the Holy See. The original mission of the synod was to make a contribution to coming to [...]

Interview with Sister Anna Mirijam Kaschner CPS

We were able interview Sister Anna Mirijam Kaschner CPS (Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood). She is a German religious and since 2009 has been the Secretary General of the Nordic Bishops' Conference, which includes the bishops from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Maria 1.0: In March 2022, the bishops of the Nordic Bishops' Conference wrote to Bishop Georg Bätzing [...]

Maria 1.0 at the fifth Synodal Assembly

On Thursday, March 9, the fifth and last Synodal Assembly opened in Frankfurt. Maria 1.0 was there with a delegation of fourteen people. (Pictures and video below) Our leader Clara Steinbrecher had already arrived the day before for the purpose of a television appointment. On Thursday a ZDF TV team appeared twice in the hotel to make recordings for the program 37°, which [...]

Report on the fall conference of the German Conference of Bishops on 26. – 29. September 2022 in Fulda, Germany

Day 1 – Monday, Sept. 26, 2022 A cool wind blew on the Fulda Cathedral plaza that morning. Hardly anything was going on yet; only a few tourists and press people scurried across the expansive square in the heart of the old town. Then, inside the cathedral, there was a hustle and bustle: A church guide explained to a tour group that the cathedral is only so richly decorated, as it was [...]

Second Interview with a signer of the Reform Manifesto

Maria 1.0: Dear Monsignor Joachim Schroedel, thank you very much for taking the time for this interview. You recently signed the Reform Manifesto (see below for explanation). Could you perhaps first explain to our readers who you are and what you do? Monsignor Joachim Schroedel:I am first a very simple priest who has been proclaiming the truth as taught by the Church for 38 years. I [...]